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Luḥo d mele ܠܘܚܐ ܕܡܶܠܶܐ
annaqla now ܐܰܢܢܰܩܠܰܐ
aṯoyo coming (m.) ܐܰܬ݂ܳܝܐ
basyo enough! it is enough! ܒܰܣ ܝܐ
baṣo bus ܒܰܨܐ
bëlḥuḏe mazlo one way street ܒܷܠܚܘܕ݂ܶܗ ܡܰܙܠܐ
bësëklet bicycle ܒܷܣܷܟܠܶܬ
bi ḥarayto finally ܒܝ ܚܰܪܰܝܬܐ
buḥrono exam ܒܘܚܪܳܢܐ
casqo difficult, complicated ܥܰܣܩܐ
cawje curve ܥܰܘܔܶܐ
cboro l darbo rišoyo entering a main road; give way! ܥܒܳܪܐ ܠܕܰܪܒܐ ܪܝܫܳܝܐ
darbo dab bësëkletat bicycle path ܕܰܪܒܐ ܕܰܒ ܒܷܣܷܟܠܶܬܰܬ
darbo dam mhalxone pavement ܕܰܪܒܐ ܕܰܡ ܡܗܰܠܟ݂ܳܢܶܐ
darbo dar raḏoyote road, motorway ܕܰܪܒܐ ܕܰܪ ܪܰܕ݂ܰܝܳܬ݂ܶܐ
darbo du tren railroad tracks, railway line ܕܰܪܒܐ ܕܘ ܬܪܶܢ
darbo ḥiṣo expressway, priority road ܕܰܪܒܐ ܚܝܨܐ
darbo rišoyo main road ܕܰܪܒܐ ܪܝܫܳܝܐ
dawrënto roundabout ܕܰܘܪܷܢܬܐ
dcar back! ܕܥܰܪ
deri yawmo the next day ܕܶܪܝ ܝܰܘܡܐ
egarṯo letter ܐܶܓܰܪܬ݂ܐ
ëšmo ëšmo slowly; gradually ܐܷܫܡܐ ܐܷܫܡܐ
ëzze w oṯewa he used to go back and forth ܐܷܙܙܶܗ ܘܐܳܬ݂ܶܘܰܐ
ftiḥolan we have opened it (sg.) ܦܬܝܚܳܠܰܢ
gabo ḥreno other side ܓܰܒܐ ܚܪܶܢܐ
gëdšo accident ܓܷܕܫܐ
hërge du qloco driving classes ܗܷܪܓܶܐ ܕܘ ܩܠܳܥܐ
hërge du trafik theory classes (driving) ܗܷܪܓܶܐ ܕܘ ܬܪܰܦܝܟ
hul dë mhalax šuġlan ṭawwo until our business goes well ܗܘܠ ܕܷܡܗܰܠܰܟ݂ ܫܘܓ݂ܠܰܢ ܛܰܘܘܐ
huwe ḥaq d they paid ܗܘܘܶܗ ܚܰܩ ܕ
ḥa yawmo one day ܚܰܐ ܝܰܘܡܐ
ḥëzyolux you saw it (Sg.) ܚܷܙܝܳܠܘܟ݂
ḥzalli I saw them ܚܙܰܠܠܝ
inaqla d then, when ܐܝܢܰܩܠܰܐ ܕ
jbir he was forced ܔܒܝܪ
karxuṯo  city administration, municipal offices ܟܰܪܟ݂ܘܬ݂ܐ
klay here: Stop! Wait! ܟܠܰܝ
macmarranne they built for themselves (a house) ܡܰܥܡܰܪܪܰܢܢܶܗ
madrašto du qloco driving school ܡܰܕܪܰܫܬܐ ܕܘ ܩܠܳܥܐ
maḥat bolo pay attention to; watch out for ܡܰܚܰܬ ܒܳܠܐ
- maqlab i sohduṯayḏe
to convert; to change; to turn
- here: to convert his driving licence
- ܡܰܩܠܰܒ ܐܝ ܣܳܗܕܘܬ݂ܰܝܕ݂ܶܗ
masëmle i raḏayto he had the car repaired ܡܰܣܷܡܠܶܗ ܐܝ ܪܰܕ݂ܰܝܬܐ
maṣraf du gëdšo cost of accidental damage ܡܰܨܪܰܦ ܕܘ ܓܷܕܫܐ
maydat hërge (that) you attend courses ܡܰܝܕܰܬ ܗܷܪܓܶܐ
mazlo w maṯyo here: Road with oncoming traffic ܡܰܙܠܐ ܘܡܰܬ݂ܝܐ
metro subway, underground ܡܶܬܪܐ
me zawno already long, for a long time ܡܶܐ ܙܰܘܢܐ
mëdle i sohduṯo du qloco he got the driver's license ܡܷܕܠܶܗ ܐܝ ܣܳܗܕܘܬ݂ܐ ܕܘ ܩܠܳܥܐ
mëftakar - mëftakarle think, consider ܡܷܦܬܰܟܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܦܬܰܟܰܪܠܶܗ
mëftaxar - mëftaxarle be proud ܡܷܦܬܰܟ݂ܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܦܬܰܟ݂ܰܪܠܶܗ
mëḥtaram - mëḥtaramle respekt, honour ܡܷܚܬܰܪܰܡ ܆ ܡܷܚܬܰܪܰܡܠܶܗ
mërralle they told him ܡܷܪܪܰܠܠܶܗ
mëstafad - mëstafadle benefit ܡܷܣܬܰܦܰܕ ܆ ܡܷܣܬܰܦܰܕܠܶܗ
mëstacmal - mëstacmele use, utilize ܡܷܣܬܰܥܡܰܠ ܆ ܡܷܣܬܰܥܡܶܠܶܗ
mëštabhar - mëštabharle be proud ܡܷܫܬܰܒܗܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܫܬܰܒܗܰܪܠܶܗ
mëštace - mëštacele play ܡܷܫܬܰܥܶܐ ܆ ܡܷܫܬܰܥܶܠܶܗ
mëštacmar - mëštacmarle colonize ܡܷܫܬܰܥܡܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܫܬܰܥܡܰܪܠܶܗ
mëštawḥar - mëštawḥarle to be late ܡܷܫܬܰܘܚܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܫܬܰܘܚܰܪܠܶܗ
mëštawtaf - mëštawtafle participate, attend ܡܷܫܬܰܘܬܰܦ ܆ ܡܷܫܬܰܘܬܰܦܠܶܗ
mëtnabe -mëtnabele prophecy, predict ܡܷܬܢܰܒܶܐ ܆ ܡܷܬܢܰܒܶܠܶܗ
mëtṣawar - mëtṣawarle imagine ܡܷܬܨܰܘܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܬܨܰܘܰܪܠܶܗ
mëttafaq - mëttafaqle agree ܡܷܬܬܰܦܰܩ ܆ ܡܷܬܬܰܦܰܩܠܶܗ
mëtyaqan - mëtyaqanle believe ܡܷܬܝܰܩܰܢ ܆ ܡܷܬܝܰܩܰܢܠܶܗ
mëtwaqac - mëtwaqacle expect ܡܷܬܘܰܩܰܥ ܆ ܡܷܬܘܰܩܰܥܠܶܗ
mëzdahar - mëzdaharle be careful ܡܷܙܕܰܗܰܪ ܆ ܡܷܙܕܰܗܰܪܠܶܗ
mfatašle he examined ܡܦܰܬܰܫܠܶܗ
mḥalqe ne they lie around ܡܚܰܠܩܶܐ ܢܶܐ
mḥalqënxu you (pl.) have thrown them away ܡܚܰܠܩܷܢܟ݂ܘ
midole he took her ܡܝܕܳܠܶܗ
mnico forbidden (m.) ܡܢܝܥܐ
moṭor engine, motorcycle ܡܳܛܳܪ
mqaydole cal ëšme he registered her (the car) in his name ܡܩܰܝܕܳܠܶܗ ܥܰܠ ‌ܐܷܫܡܶܗ
mqaydile cal ëšme d ruḥe he registered them in his own name ܡܩܰܝܕܝܠܶܗ ܥܰܠ ‌ܐܷܫܡܶܗ ܕܪܘܚܶܗ
mu yawmawo from then on; thenceforward ܡܘ ܝܰܘܡܰܘܐ
mucdo w azolo from now on, henceforth ܡܘܥܕܐ ܘܐܰܙܳܠܐ
naqlawoṯe sometimes; now and then ܢܰܩܠܰܘܳܬ݂ܶܐ
otomat Automat ܐܳܬܳܡܰܐܬ
park parking spot, car park ܦ݁ܰܪܟ
polis police, policeman ܦ݁ܳܠܝܣ
qayëm he rose; then ܩܰܝܷܡ
qëryole he read it ܩܷܪܝܳܠܶܗ
qolac (that) he drives ܩܳܠܰܥ
qloco driving ܩܠܳܥܐ
qonune regulations; law ܩܳܢܘܢܶܐ
raḏayto car ܪܰܕ݂ܰܝܬܐ
raḏayto ḥaṯto new car ܪܰܕ݂ܰܝܬܐ ܚܰܬ݂ܬܐ
raḏayto mëstacmalto used/second-hand car ܪܰܕ݂ܰܝܬܐ ܡܷܣܬܰܥܡܰܠܬܐ
rḥëmme they liked it ܪܚܷܡܡܶܗ
sëmle gëdšo he made an accident ܣܷܡܠܶܗ ܓܷܕܫܐ
sigorta insurance ܣܝܓܳܪܬܰܐ
sohduṯo du qloco driving license ܣܳܗܕܘܬ݂ܐ ܕܘ ܩܠܳܥܐ
suj fault ܣܘܔ
trafik traffic ܬܪܰܦܝܟ
tren train ܬܪܶܢ
triṣo straight, right ܬܪܝܨܐ
ṭranxu you have left them (pl.) ܛܪܰܢܟ݂ܘ
warqe di raḏayto vehicle documents ܘܰܪܩܶܐ ܕܝ ܪܰܕ݂ܰܝܬܐ
warqe du zwono purchasing documents ܘܰܪܩܶܐ ܕܘ ܙܘܳܢܐ
xabrux yo you (m.) are right ܟ݂ܰܒܪܘܟ݂ ܝܐ
xayëftër more quickly, faster ܟ݂ܰܝܷܦܬܷܪ
xṭuṭe daš šafoce pedestrian crossing, crosswalk, zebra crossing ܟ݂ܛܘܛܶܐ ܕܰܫ ܫܰܦܳܥܶܐ
yalifi cal they got used to ܝܰܠܝܦܝ ܥܰܠ
zawnina (that) we buy ܙܰܘܢܝܢܰܐ
zwënlele he bought himself ܙܘܷܢܠܶܠܶܗ
zwinalle they bought her ܙܘܝܢܰܠܠܶܗ