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Luḥo d mele ܠܘܚܐ ܕܡܶܠܶܐ
abici they wanted ܐܰܒܝܥܝ
aġlabiye majority ܐܰܓ݂ܠܰܒܝـܝܶܐ
b iḏo ftëḥto generously ܒܐܝܕ݂ܐ ܦܬܷܚܬܐ
bädaye start, begin ܒܱܕܰܝܶܐ
baṭiluṯo unemployment ܒܰܛܝܠܘܬ݂ܐ
bëlḥuḏe only ܒܷܠܚܘܕ݂ܶܗ
bi ḥarayto in the end; finally ܒܝ ܚܰܪܰܝܬܐ
bzërto sown, seeded (f.Sg.) ܒܙܷܪܬܐ
camiro wa  it was inhabited ܥܰܡܝܪܐ ܘܰܐ
camo, Pl. came people ܥܰܡܐ܆ ܥܰܡܶܐ
culyo hight ܥܘܠܝܐ
dayne debts ܕܰܝܢܶܐ
dukano du dahwo jewelry shop ܕܘܟܰܢܐ ܕܘ ܕܰܗܘܐ


- b falge


- in the middle


- ܒܦܰܠܓܶܗ

faqiro, f. faqërto, Pl. faqire poor ܦܰܩܝܪܐ، ܦܰܩܷܪܬܐ، ܦܰܩܝܪܶܐ
fënyoṯe provinces ܦܷܢܝܳܬ݂ܶܐ
fliġ, fliġo (Ip) shared ܦܠܝܓ݂، ܦܠܝܓ݂ܐ
fṣiḥiwa they were happy ܦܨܝܚܝܘܰܐ
ftëḥḥe they opened ܦܬܷܚܚܶܗ
garbyo north ܓܰܪܒܝܐ
garošo daṣ ṣërtoṯe, f. garašto daṣ ṣertoṯe; mṣawrono, f. mṣawroniṯo photographer ܓܰܪܳܫܐ ܕܰܨ ܨܷܪܬܳܬ݂ܶܐ܆ ܓܰܪܰܫܬܐ ܕܰܨ ܨܷܪܬܳܬ݂ܶܐ ܇ ܡܨܰܘܪܳܢܐ܆ ܡܨܰܘܪܳܢܝܬ݂ܐ
häka if ܗܱܟܰܐ
hedi hedi slow, slowly ܗܶܕܝ ܗܶܕܝ
hul until ܗܘܠ
huwanne they gave them ܗܘܘܰܢܢܶܗ
huwe ad dayne they paid back the debts ܗܘܘܶܗ ܐܰܕ ܕܰܝܢܶܐ
huwe fusqono they decided ܗܘܘܶܗ ܦܘܣܩܳܢܐ
ḥal situation ܚܰܐܠ
ḥaloqo, f. ḥalaqto hairdresser ܚܰܠܳܩܐ܆ ܚܰܠܰܩܬܐ
ḥayoro dak kayiwe, f. ḥayarto dak kayiwe nurse ܚܰܝܳܪܐ ܕܰܟ ܟܰܝـܝܘܶܐ܆ ܚܰܝܰܪܬܐ ܕܰܟ ܟܰܝـܝܘܶܐ
ḥašowo, f. ḥašawto accountant ܚܰܫܳܘܳܐ܆ ܚܰܫܰܘܬܐ
ḥaye cadi normal life ܚܰܝܶܐ ܥܰܕܝ
ḥeḏore around him, his surroundings ܚܶܕ݂ܳܪܶܗ
iḏice acquaintances; well-known ܐܝܕ݂ܝܥܶܐ
jaroḥo, f. jaraḥto surgeon ܔܰܪܳܚܐ܆ ܔܰܪܰܚܬܐ
kaṯowe authors ܟܰܬ݂ܳܘܶܐ
kayiso (Mëḏyaḏ) good ܟܰܝـܝܣܐ
këtwaylan we had ܟܷܬܘܰܝܠܰܢ
kofëtḥinalan we open … for ourselves ܟܳܦܷܬܚܝܢܰܠܰܢ
koqolab it changes; it develops ܟܳܩܰܠܰܒ
koxole it becomes empty, it empties (of) ܟܳܟ݂ܳܠܶܐ
konëflo here: it lies, it is located ܟܳܢܷܦܠܐ
latwalle they did not have …; they had no … ܠܰܬܘܰܠܠܶܗ
latyo lo yawmo w lo tre This does not concern a short period of time. ܠܰܬܝܐ ܠܐ ܝܰܘܡܐ ܘܠܐ ܬܪܶܐ
lišono Almanoyo German language ܠܝܫܳܢܐ ܐܰܠܡܰܢܳܝܐ
lišono rušmoyo official language ܠܝܫܳܢܐ ܪܘܫܡܳܝܐ
lëḏciwa (< lo ëḏciwa) they did not know ܠܐܷܕ݂ܥܝܘܰܐ
loṯewalle (< lo oṯewalle) ṣäbër they were bored; they didn’t feel well ܠܳܐܬ݂ܶܘܰܠܠܶܗ ܨܱܒܷܪ
macamrono, f. macamroniṯo builder ܡܰܥܰܡܪܳܢܐ܆ ܡܰܥܰܡܪܳܢܝܬ݂ܐ
macërbo west ܡܰܥܷܪܒܐ
madënḥo east ܡܰܕܷܢܚܐ
makralle bayto they rented a house (a flat) ܡܰܟܪܰܠܠܶܗ ܒܰܝܬܐ
malfono, f. malfoniṯo teacher ܡܰܠܦܳܢܐ܆ ܡܰܠܦܳܢܝܬ݂ܐ


- maxtabzabnoyo (m.)


-  historical


- ܡܰܟ݂ܬܰܒܙܰܒܢܳܝܐ

marduṯo culture ܡܰܪܕܘܬ݂ܐ
maṭën they have arrived, they have reached ܡܰܛܷܢ
maṭi l it has reached ܡܰܛܝ ܠـ ...
mawfaqqe here: they produced ܡܰܘܦܰܩܩܶܗ
mcawannallan they helped us, they supported us ܡܥܰܘܰܢܢܰܠܠܰܢ
mcawni (IIp) they were supported ܡܥܰܘܢܝ
mdabronoiṯ administratively ܡܕܰܒܪܳܢܳܐܝܬ݂
mdayanne they borrowed ܡܕܰܝܰܢܢܶܗ
mënyono number, amount ܡܷܢܝܳܢܐ

mënyono d comure

- u mënyono dac comurayḏa


- its population

ܡܷܢܝܳܢܐ ܕܥܳܡܘܪܶܐ

- ܐܘ ܡܷܢܝܳܢܐ ܕܰܥ ܥܳܡܘܪܰܝܕ݂ܰܗ

mëftakar: mšarele d mëftakar (that) he thinks: he has started to think ܡܷܦܬܰܟܰܪ܆ ܡܫܰܪܶܠܶܗ ܕܡܷܦܬܰܟܰܪ
mëtro, Pl. mëtrowat meter ܡܷܬܪܳܐ، ܡܷܬܪܳܘܰܬ
more (Pl.) relatives ܡܳܪܶܐ

mšalaṭ, mšalto (II.)

- mšalṭe


- they are dominant

ܡܫܰܠܰܛ، ܡܫܰܠܛܐ

- ܡܫܰܠܛܶܐ

mšatasse they founded ܡܫܰܬܰܣܣܶܗ
mšawarle b he consulted with; he discussed with ܡܫܰܘܰܪܠܶܗ ܒـ
mzabnono, f. mzabnoniṯo seller ܡܙܰܒܢܳܢܐ܆ ܡܙܰܒܢܳܢܝܬ݂ܐ
nahro river ܢܰܗܪܐ
naḥët he decreased; he went down ܢܰܚܷܬ
nagoro, f. nagarto carpenter ܢܰܓܳܪܐ܆ ܢܰܓܰܪܬܐ
- mede lo noqaṣwalle
they lacked; they were in need of (something)
- they did not lack anything
- ܡܶܕܶܐ ܠܐ ܢܳܩܰܨܘܰܠܠܶܗ
nuqli (that) they move ܢܘܩܠܝ
nuqazto rišayto central place; located centrally ܢܘܩܰܙܬܐ ܪܝܫܰܝܬܐ
osyo, f. osiṯo doctor ܐܳܣܝܐ܆ ܐܳܣܝܬ݂ܐ
qaṣobo, f. qaṣabto butcher ܩܰܨܳܒܐ܆ ܩܰܨܰܒܬܐ
qay? why? ܩܰܝ؟
qëṭro problem, difficulty ܩܷܛܪܐ
qlimo area, region ܩܠܝܡܐ
rakiwi they settled; they established ܪܰܟܝܘܝ
rašomo, f. rašamto illustator; painter, artist ܪܰܫܳܡܐ܆ ܪܰܫܰܡܬܐ
rënyo idea, opinion, proposal ܪܷܢܝܐ
sakrater, f. sakratere secretary ܣܰܟܪܰܬܶܪ܆ ܣܰܟܪܰܬܶܪܶܐ
Sayfo daḥ ḥamšacsar genocide of 1915 ܣܰܝܦܐ ܕܰܚ ܚܰܡܫܰܥܣܰܪ
sëmmanne ḥawrone they have made friends ܣܷܡܡܰܢܢܶܗ ܚܰܘܪܳܢܶܐ
sëmme they made; here: they did ܣܷܡܡܶܗ
sniġro, f. sniġarto lawyer, advocate ܣܢܝܓ݂ܪܐ܆ ܣܢܝܓ݂ܰܪܬܐ
sxërre they closed; they closed down ܣܟ݂ܷܪܪܶܗ
ṣafyo, f. ṣfiṯo, Pl. ṣafye pure ܨܰܦܝܐ، ܨܦܝܬ݂ܐ، ܙܰܦܝܶܐ
šaḥuno, f. šaḥënto, Pl. šahune warm, hot ܫܰܚܘܢܐ، ܫܰܚܷܢܬܐ، ܫܰܚـܘܢܶܐ
šalyo, f. šliṯo, Pl. šalye quiet; calm ܫܰܠܝܐ، ܫܠܝܬ݂ܐ، ܫܰܠܝܶܐ
šayoco, f. šayacto bricklayer, plasterer ܫܰܝܳܥܐ܆ ܫܰܝܰܥܬܐ


- šëršonoye (Pl.)


- original (pl.)


- ܫܷܪܫܳܢܳܝܐ

šufer, f./Pl. šufere driver ܫܘܦܶܪ܆ ܫܘܦܶܪܶܐ
šuġla di iqarṯo mcadal the family situation improved ܫܘܓ݂ܠܰܗ ܕܝ ܐܝܩܰܪܬ݂ܐ ܡܥܰܕܰܠ
aš šuġlone di šulṭonuṯo official affairs ܐܰܫ ܫܘܓ݂ܠܳܢܶܐ ܕܝ ܫܘܠܛܳܢܘܬ݂ܐ
talën me qum i cayno they have become less visible (in society) ܬܰܠܷܢ ܡܶܐ ܩܘܡ ܐܝ ܥܰܝܢܐ
taxtor, f. taxtore (s. osyo) doctor ܬܰܟ݂ܬܳܪ܆ ܬܰܟ݂ܬܳܪܶܐ܇ ܐܳܣܝܐ
taxtor di nafšo, f. taxtore di nafšo psychologist ܬܰܟ݂ܬܳܪ ܕܝ ܢܰܦܫܐ܆ ܬܰܟ݂ܬܳܪܶܐ ܕܝ ܢܰܦܫܐ


- tayman-madënḥo


- southeast


- ܬܰܝܡܰܢ-ܡܰܕܷܢܚܐ

tḥumo border ܬܚܘܡܐ
ṭaboxo, f. ṭabaxto chef, cook ܛܰܒܳܟ݂ܐ܆ ܛܰܒܰܟ݂ܬܐ
ṭëlbina (that) we ask ܛܷܠܒܝܢܰܐ
ṭuro šṭiḥo mountaneous plateau ܛܘܪܐ ܫܛܝܚܐ
warde w baybune flowers and blossom ܘܰܪܕܶܐ ܘܒܰܝܒܘܢܶܐ
xariṭa map ܟ݂ܰܪܝܛܰܐ
yaducṯone scholars ܝܰܕܘܥܬ݂ܳܢܶܐ
zabolo, f. zabalto garbage man ܙܰܒܳܠܐ܆ ܙܰܒܰܠܬܐ
maz zabne qamoye di mšiḥoyuṯo from early Christian times ܡܰܙ ܙܰܒܢܶܐ ܩܰܡܳܝܶܐ ܕܝ ܡܫܝܚܳܝܘܬ݂ܐ
zuze (Pl.) money ܙܘܙܶܐ
zwënne they bought ܙܘܷܢܢܶܗ