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Production team

This language course was mainly written by Shabo Talay, Nicolas Atas and Barbara Üzel at the Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. First drafts of the lessons were created by Murat Can, Mor Ephrem Monastery and the culture boxes by Naures Atto, University of Cambridge. All versions were edited before publication by Shabo Talay and Nicolas Atas.


Production team, an overview

Prof. Dr. Shabo Talay                scientific coordination, content development, copy-editing, layout, edition

Nicolas Atas M.A.                     content development, copy-editing, layout

A.-S. Barbara Üzel M.A.             content development, copy-editing

Murat Can                                content development, copy-editing

Dr. Naures Atto                        culture boxes, copy-editing

Polycarpus Dr Augin Aydin       copy-editing

Dr. Jean Yoseph                       copy-editing, online-version

Dr. Broula Barnohro-Oussi        copy-editing

Prof. Dr. Elie Wardini               copy-editing

Soner Ö. Barthoma M.A.           project coordination, copy-editing, layout



English:            Naures Atto; grammar: Paul Noorlander; glossary: Nikita Kuzin; grammar tables: Shabo Talay and Nicolas Atas; copy-editing: Keri Miller

Swedish:           Broula Barnohro-Oussi; copy-editing: Elie Wardini, Ablahad Lahdo,

Dutch:              Murat Can; grammar: Paul Noorlander

French:             Nicolas Atas

Arabic:             Jean Yoseph; grammar: Zafer Youssef

Turkish:            Nükhet Everi, Soner Ö. Barthoma



The main speakers are Anna-Simona Barbara Üzel and Murat Can.

Other speakers in the dialogues are Lea Teber, Yolla Youssef, Jean Yoseph and Nicolas Atas.

Technical realization of the audio files in the online course: Jean Yoseph.