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Luḥo d mele ܠܘܚܐ ܕܡܶܠܶܐ
adšato this year ܐܰܕܫܰܬܐ
Almanoyo German ܐܰܠܡܰܢܳܝܐ
Almanya Germany ܐܰܠܡܰܐܢܝܰܐ
b lebo fliġoyo with mixed feelings ܒܠܶܒܐ ܦܠܝܓ݂ܳܝܐ
bahro dat tre second light ܒܰܗܪܐ ܕܰܬ ܬܪܶܐ
be babe (pl.) family; parental home ܒܶܐ ܒܰܒܶܐ
Berlinayto Berliner, from Berlin (f.) ܒܶܪܠܝܢܰܝܬܐ
beṯṣawbo University ܒܶܝܬ݂ܨܰܘܒܐ
Beṯṣawbo Ḥiro d Berlin Freie Universität Berlin ܒܶܝܬ݂ܨܰܘܒܐ ܚܝܪܐ ܕܒܶܪܠܝܢ
bdela she started ܒܕܶܠܰܗ
bdela dë mḥaḏro ruḥa she has started to prepare herself ܒܕܶܠܰܗ ܕܷܡܚܰܕ݂ܪܐ ܪܘܚܰܗ
cal d because ܥܰܠ ܕ
cam gabe d besides ܥܰܡ ܓܰܒܶܗ ܕ
cam u zabno over time ܥܰܡ ܐܘ ܙܰܒܢܐ
casqo difficult ܥܰܣܩܐ
cäyaša life, cost of living ܥܱܝܰܫܰܐ
darġo level, step, grade ܕܰܪܓ݂ܐ
- dayira mšawtafto


- shared aparment

du šrolo actually; to be honest ܕܘ ܫܪܳܠܐ
ëḏcowa she knew ܐܷܕ݂ܥܳܘܰܐ
Ënglišoyo English ܐܷܢܓܠܝܫܳܝܐ
ëšqaḏ last year ܐܷܫܩܰܕ݂
fërce d yulfono fields of study ܦܷܪܥܶܐ ܕܝܘܠܦܳܢܐ
foraqwa one noticed ܦܳܪܰܩܘܰܐ
fuḥome grades ܦܘܚܳܡܶܐ
grëšla ṣacbuṯo she had difficulty ܓܪܷܫܠܰܗ ܨܰܥܒܘܬ݂ܐ
ham … w ham … both … and; as well as ܗܰܡ ... ܘܗܰܡ ...
mahwo w šqolo:
- hawila mahwo w šqolo cam ṣawboye me briṯo kula
socialising (with):
- she socialised with other international students.
ܡܰܗܘܐ ܘܫܩܳܠܐ:
- ܗܰܘܝܠܰܗ ܡܰܗܘܐ ܘܫܩܳܠܐ ܥܰܡ ܨܰܘܒܳܝܶܐ ܡܶܐ ܒܪܝܬ݂ܐ ܟܘܠܰܗ
ḥulmono health ܚܘܠܡܳܢܐ
i šato d ëṯyo next year ܐܝ ܫܰܬܐ ܕܐܷܬ݂ܝܐ
iḏacṯo knowledge; information ܐܝܕ݂ܰܥܬ݂ܐ
Ingliz (u ~) England ܐܝܢܓܠܝܙ (ܐܘ)
Iṭaloyo Italian ܐܝܛܰܠܳܝܐ
Iṭalya Italy ܐܝܛܰܐܠܝܰܐ
karixo cal dayira she looked for an apartment ܟܰܪܝܟ݂ܐ ܥܰܠ ܕܰܝـܝܪܰܐ
kašërto diligent (; good (student) ܟܰܫܷܪܬܐ
këbco she wants; she would like to ܟܷܐܒܥܐ
këre (f.) rent ܟܷܪܶܐ (ܐܬ݂)
kul ḥa everyone ܟܘܠ ܚܰܐ
lëḏcowa (lo + ëḏcowa) she did not know ܠܷܐܕ݂ܥܳܘܰܐ (ܠܐ + ܐܷܕ݂ܥܳܘܰܐ)
lišone nuxroye foreign languages ܠܝܫܳܢܶܐ ܢܘܟ݂ܪܳܝܶܐ
lo ... w lo neither ... nor ܠܐ ... ܘܠܐ
lo … fayëš:
- nošo lo foraqwa fayëš d latyo Berlinayto
no more, not/no anymore:
- no one noticed anymore that she is not a Berliner
ܠܐ ... ܦܰܝܷܫ:
- ܢܳܫܐ ܠܐ ܦܳܪܰܩܘܰܐ ܦܰܝܷܫ ܕܠܰܬܝܐ ܒܶܪܠܝܢܰܝܬܐ 
lo qadiro she could not; she did not ܠܐ ܩܰܕܝܪܐ
madrašto school ܡܰܕܪܰܫܬܐ
madrašto celayto university ܡܰܕܪܰܫܬܐ ܥܶܠܰܝܬܐ
maqëblalle they accepted her ܡܰܩܷܒܠܰܠܠܶܗ
mawhabṯo talent ܡܰܘܗܰܒܬ݂ܐ
mbaṭela she stopped; here: she dropped out of (study) ܡܒܰܛܶܠܰܗ
mëjġela she talked; here: she discussed ܡܷܔܓ݂ܶܠܰܗ
mqadamla u ṭäläbayḏa she applied ܡܩܰܕܰܡܠܰܗ ܐܘ ܛܱܠܱܒܰܝܕ݂ܰܗ
mkone possibilities ܡܟܳܢܶܐ
- am morayḏa
- her relatives
- ܐܰܡ ܡܳܪܰܝܕ݂ܰܗ
mšabloniṯo du yulfono study advisor (f.) ܡܫܰܒܠܳܢܝܬ݂ܐ ܕܘ ܝܘܠܦܳܢܐ
mšaḥëlfe different (pl.) ܡܫܰܚܷܠܦܶܐ
mšawarla b she asked … for advice ܡܫܰܘܰܪܠܰܗ ܒـ
mu šuroyo from the beginning ܡܘ ܫܘܪܳܝܐ
naqlawoṯe sometimes; now and then ܢܰܩܠܰܘܳܬ݂ܶܐ
Norweč Norway ܢܳܪܘܶܫ̰
obo ḥaq d (that) she pays (sth.) ܐܳܒܐ ܚܰܩ ܕ
pedagogi pedagogy ܦ݁ܶܕܰܓܳܓܝ
qamayto: bi qamayto beginning; at the beginning ܩܰܡܰܝܬܐ: ܒܝ ܩܰܡܰܝܬܐ
qayëṯla dukṯo she got a place; she was accepted ܩܰܝܷܬ݂ܠܰܗ ܕܘܟܬ݂ܐ
qawi u lišonayḏa her language improved ܩܰܘܝ ܐܘ ܠܝܫܳܢܰܝܕ݂ܰܗ
qrayto study ܩܪܰܝܬܐ
quro cold; coldness ܩܘܪܐ
sëmla esore she made contacts ܣܷܡܠܰܗ ܐܶܣܳܪܶܐ
Skandinavoye Scandinavian (Pl.) ܣܟܰܢܕܝܢܰܒ݂ܳܝܶܐ
Spanoyo Spanish ܣܦ݁ܰܢܳܝܐ
Spanya Spain ܣܦ݁ܰܐܢܝܰܐ
Swed (u ~) Sweden ܣܘܶܕ (ܐܘ)
ṣawboye university students ܨܰܘܒܳܝܶܐ
tašrore certificates ܬܰܫܪܳܪܶܐ
tḥumo border ܬܚܘܡܐ
ṭrela she left; here: she broke it off ܛܪܶܠܰܗ
Urifoyo European ܐܘܪܝܦܳܝܐ
warqe du tëkṯiwo registration forms ܘܰܪܩܶܐ ܕܘ ܬܷܟܬ݂ܝܘܐ
xabre words ܟ݂ܰܒܪܶܐ
xaṣiro she lost ܟ݂ܰܨܝܪܐ
yawme dat tarce ftiḥe open days ܝܰܘܡܶܐ ܕܰܬ ܬܰܪܥܶܐ ܦܬܝܚܶܐ
yulfono studies; knowledge ܝܘܠܦܳܢܐ
zëdqe law, rights ܙܷܕܩܶܐ
zërla she visited ܙܷܪܠܰܗ