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Luḥo d mele ܠܘܚܐ ܕܡܶܠܶܐ
abici they wanted ܐܰܒܝܥܝ
aclayye on them (preposition cal + suffix ܐܰܥܠܰܝـܝܶܗ
arco (f.) here: lot ܐܰܪܥܐ (ܐܰܬ݂)
aršitakt architect ܐܰܪܫܝܬܰܟܬ
aṯën they came ܐܰܬ݂ܷܢ
azzën they went ܐܰܙܙܷܢ
baladiye (f.) municipality ܒܰܠܰܕܝـܝܶܐ (ܐܰܬ݂)
banyo bathroom ܒܰܐܢܝܐ
bëṯër after ܒܷܬ݂ܷܪ
biṭon concrete ܒܝܛܳܢ
boya paint ܒܳܝܰܐ
camër it was built ܥܰܡܷܪ
cawode ne they are employees ܥܰܘܳܕܶܐ ܢܶܐ
celayto yo she is high ܥܶܠܰܝܬܐ ܝܐ
čimanto (f.) cement ܫ̰ܝܡܰܢܬܐ (ܐܰܬ݂)
d macamri that they build ܕܡܰܥܰܡܪܝ
dmoxo sleeping ܕܡܳܟ݂ܐ
elo but ܐܶܠܐ
fsoso lu tëcmiro building permission ܦܣܳܣܐ ܠܘ ܬܷܥܡܝܪܐ
gab next to ܓܰܒ
ganṯo garden ܓܰܢܬ݂ܐ
gurno sink, bath, basin ܓܘܪܢܐ
gurno lu ḥyofo bath, bathtub ܓܘܪܢܐ ܠܘ ܚܝܳܦܐ
gurno lu tešiġo sink, washbasin, kitchen sink ܓܘܪܢܐ ܠܘ ܬܶܫܝܓ݂ܐ
ġalṭo wrong ܓ݂ܰܠܛܐ
ġer medone other materials ܓ݂ܶܪ ܡܶܕܳܢܶܐ
harke w tamo here und there ܗܰܪܟܶܐ ܘܬܰܡܐ
hënne they ܗܷܢܢܶܐ
hula alle she gave them ܗܘܠܰܗ ܐܰܠܠܶܗ
ḥarayto end, at last ܚܰܪܰܝܬܐ
ḥaṯe new (pl.) ܚܰܬ݂ܶܐ
ḥaṯo new (m.Sg.) ܚܰܬ݂ܐ
ḥḏo one (f.) ܚܕ݂ܐ
kaġat paper, wallpaper ܟܰܓ݂ܰܬ
karixi they searched ܟܰܪܝܟ݂ܝ
karyo short ( ܟܰܪܝܐ
kefe stones, bricks ܟܶܦܶܐ
këtla she has ܟܷܬܠܰܗ
këre rent ܟܷܪܶܐ
koyëtwi they live ܟܳܝܷܬܘܝ
kul mede everything ܟܘܠ ܡܶܕܶܐ
kurxi they search ܟܘܪܟ݂ܝ
lawġël inside ܠܰܘܓ݂ܷܠ
lozamwa it was necessary ܠܳܙܰܡܘܰܐ
madcarla she answered, replied ܡܰܕܥܰܪܠܰܗ
maḥwele alle he showed them ܡܰܚܘܶܠܶܗ ܐܰܠܠܶܗ
malawši (that) they decorate ܡܰܠܰܘܫܝ
markawwe: markawwe u rëcyonaṯṯe cal agreed: they agreed to ܡܰܪܟܰܘܘܶܗ: ܡܰܪܟܰܘܘܶܗ ܐܘ ܪܷܥܝܳܢܰܬ݂ܬ݂ܶܗ ܥܰܠ
maṭbax kitchen ܡܰܛܒܰܟ݂
matëryal material ܡܰܬܷܪܝܰܠ
mbayzarre they negotiated ܡܒܰܝܙܰܪܪܶܗ
mede something ܡܶܕܶܐ
mene from him ܡܶܢܶܗ
mëdde some time ܡܷܕܕܶܐ
mëjġalle they spoke ܡܷܔܓ݂ܰܠܠܶܗ
miḏe d because ܡܝܕ݂ܶܐ ܕ
mnaqalle they chose ܡܢܰܩܰܠܠܶܗ
mnaqën (that) they choose ܡܢܰܩܷܢ
mqafalle they found ܡܩܰܦܰܠܠܶܗ
mšaralle they started ܡܫܰܪܰܠܠܶܗ
mšaralle d kurxi they started to search ܡܫܰܪܰܠܠܶܗ ܕܟܘܪܟ݂ܝ
mšarela she started ܡܫܰܪܶܠܰܗ
nqila she moved ܢܩܝܠܰܗ
plan plan, construction plan ܦ݁ܠܰܢ
qeloyoṯe rooms ܩܶܠܳܝܳܬ݂ܶܐ
rabṯo big (f.Sg.) ܪܰܒܬ݂ܐ
rabuṯo size ܪܰܒܘܬ݂ܐ
raḏën they agreed ܪܰܕ݂ܷܢ
rëcyono opinion, idea ܪܷܥܝܳܢܐ
rošam alle (that) he draws (something) for them ܪܳܫܰܡ ܐܰܠܠܶܗ
ršëmle he drew ܪܫܷܡܠܶܗ
sefoqe dishes ܣܶܦܳܩܶܐ
semaqto red (f.Sg.) ܣܶܡܰܩܬܐ
šafëc it passed ܫܰܦܷܥ
šafërto beautiful (f.Sg.) ܫܰܦܷܪܬܐ
šawṯoṯe neighbourhoods ܫܰܘܬ̣ܳܬ̣ܶܐ
šërke, pl. šërkat company ܫܷܪܟܶܐ، ܫܷܪܟܰܬ
šrëḥle alle he explained to them ܫܪܷܚܠܶܗ ܐܰܠܠܶܗ
šrolo correct, right ܫܪܳܠܐ
šurone walls ܫܘܪܳܢܶܐ
tarce doors ܬܰܪܥܶܐ
tëcmiro building ܬܷܥܡܝܪܐ
tešiġo washing-up ܬܶܫܝܓ݂ܐ
tlëṯ three (+ f.) ܬܠܷܬ݂
tuwalet toilet ܬܘܘܰܠܶܬ
ṭëlbi (that) they apply ܛܷܠܒܝ
u rëcyonaṯṯe their opinion, idea ܐܘ ܪܷܥܝܳܢܰܬ݂ܬ݂ܶܗ
xabro word, answer, message ܟ݂ܰܒܪܐ
xayifo fast (m.Sg.) ܟ݂ܰܝـܝܦܐ
yarḥo month ܝܰܪܚܐ
zawni (that) they buy ܙܰܘܢܝ