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Culture 6

A house in Turabdin was commonly built for the whole extended family. Family members would assist each other with the household and raising the children. A family functioned therefore as a small community of people with different ages, skills and functions. In Turabdin, traditionally houses were built of natural stones and rocks which were held together with kalšo (lime) and since the last few decades with cement. In some cases, if someone was a good builder, he would make arches without the use of lime or cement. You can still see them standing in Turabdin on the ruin sites, as the last remains of an art of building.

When thanking someone, the following expression is used: comër baytux (m.)/comër baytax (f.) loosely translated'may your house be full of people' meaning 'may all family members stay healthy'. Especially during holidays, instead of saying fušu bë šlomo ‘stay in peace’ (for 'goodbye') people may also say comër u bayto ‘may the house be full of people’.