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Luḥo d mele ܠܘܚܐ ܕܡܶܠܶܐ
aj jirane the neighbours ܐܰܔ ܔܝܪܰܢܶܐ
azza she went ܐܰܙܙܰܗ
azze d moyadde he left to pick them up ܐܰܙܙܶܗ ܕܡܳܝܰܕܕܶܗ
u barёḥmayḏa her brother-in-law (her husband’s brother) ܐܘ ܒܰܪܷܚܡܰܝܕ݂ܰܗ
baynoṯan in private ܒܰܝܢܳܬ݂ܰܢ
bёnyone buildings ܒܷܢܝܳܢܶܐ
byoṭo to light (fireworks) ܒܝܳܛܐ
ceḏo brixo! Merry Christmas! ܥܶܕ݂ܐ ܒܪܝܟ݂ܐ
d ḥozina lxu to see you ܕܚܳܙܝܢܰܐ ܠܟ݂ܘ
d zayrina lxu to visit you ܕܙܰܝܪܝܢܰܐ ܠܟ݂ܘ
daciri they turned back ܕܰܥܝܪܝ
damṯo sister-in-law (wife of husband’s brother) ܕܰܡܬ݂ܐ
dawmo du ceḏo Christmas tree ܕܰܘܡܐ ܕܘ ܥܶܕ݂ܐ
deri yawmo the following/next day ܕܶܪܝ ܝܰܘܡܐ
dlo meni without me ܕܠܐ ܡܶܢܝ
dёšne presents ܕܷܫܢܶܐ
dukane dilonoye special shops ܕܘܟܰܢܶܐ ܕܝܠܳܢܳܝܶܐ
ёzzёn (that) they go ܐܷܙܙܷܢ
fayišo she stayed ܦܰܝـܝܫܐ
foqёcyoṯe fireworks ܦܳܩܷܥܝܳܬ݂ܶܐ
fṣiḥo she was happy ܦܨܝܚܐ
gёd mёfṣoḥina we will be happy ܓܷܕ ܡܷܦܨܳܚܝܢܰܐ
gёd mšayalno I will ask ܓܷܕ ܡܫܰܝܰܠܢܐ
gёdše accidents ܓܷܕܫܶܐ
ḥawrone friends ܚܰܘܪܳܢܶܐ
ḥёḏriyat preparations ܚܷܕ݂ܪܝـܝܰܬ
iqaryoṯe families ܐܝܩܰܪܝܳܬ݂ܶܐ
kёbcina we want ܟܐܷܒܥܝܢܰܐ
knošo sweeping ܟܢܳܫܐ
kojore it happens ܟܳܔܳܪܶܐ
komar he says ܟܐܡܰܪ
komfarqёci they light fireworks ܟܳܡܦܰܪܩܷܥܝ
komawqḏi they burn ܟܳܡܰܘܩܕ݂ܝ
korowёn they get drunk ܟܳܪܳܘܷܢ
layt kёlyono no problem ܠܰܝܬ ܟܷܠܝܳܢܐ
lwёšle he got dressed ܠܘܷܫܠܶܗ
madcarno xabro I answer ܡܰܕܥܰܪܢܐ ܟ݂ܰܒܪܐ
marga stew with meat and onions, traditional Christmas dish ܡܰܪܓܰܐ
markawwe they set up ܡܰܪܟܰܘܘܶܗ
u maṯyaṯxu your (pl.) visit ܐܘ ܡܰܬ݂ܝܰܬ݂ܟ݂ܘ
mfalaġġe they distributed ܡܦܰܠܰܓ݂ܓ݂ܶܗ
mawṣёn they ordered ܡܰܘܨܷܢ
mšaralle they started ܡܫܰܪܰܠܠܶܗ
mšayalle they asked ܡܫܰܝܰܠܠܶܗ
nafiqi they left, they went outside ܢܰܦܝܩܝ
rawixo she boarded (the plane) ܪܰܘܝܟ݂ܐ
ṣalone halls ܨܰܠܳܢܶܐ
šato catёqto last year ܫܰܬܐ ܥܰܬܷܩܬܐ
sёmme they did ܣܷܡܡܶܗ
šqёlle they took/bought ܫܩܷܠܠܶܗ
šqila she took/bought ܫܩܝܠܰܗ
taḥta under/beneath her ܬܰܚܬܰܗ
xёlle they ate ܟ݂ܷܠܠܶܗ